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Regulation of SIS-AP

SECTION 1: (Vision)

  1. To be recognized champions in the prevention, surveillance, and management of surgical infections in the Asia-Pacific region.

SECTION 2: (Mission)

  1. We shall endeavor to create a global community of advocates in the advancement of knowledge in surgical infections.
    SIS-AP, as the steward of surgical infections in the Asia–Pacific region, aims to educate and support health care providers and citizens engaged in the care of surgical infections, espouse antimicrobial stewardship, conduct relevant surgical research, and promote social responsibility.

SECTION 3: (Activities)

  1. 1.To promote the management of surgical infection in the Asia Pacific area.
  2. 2.To maintain active communication with all organizations interested in surgical infection and its related fields in the Asia Pacific area.
  3. 3.To relate with other international associations of surgical infection.
  4. 4.To coordinate and facilitate the conduct of biennial scientific conference of the federation.
  5. 5.To develop consensus statements and practice guidelines on the perioperative management of surgical infections according to their clinical importance within the Asian Pacific area.
  6. 6.To establish the evidences on the surgical infection, perioperative management, and nutrition in the Asia Pacific area.

SECTION 4 (Organization)

  1. Co-chairperson (alphabetic order)
  2. Esther Saguil (Philippines), Jung-Gu Kang (Korea), Toar Lalisang (Indonesia), Yoshinobu Sumiyama (Japan)
  1. AExecutive committee (alphabetic order)
  2. Esther Saguil (Philippines), Jung-Gu Kang (Korea), Kazuo Hase (Japan), Keita Morikane (Japan), Kil Yeon Lee (Korea), Miguel Gary Galvez (Philippines), Renato Montenegro (Philippines), Toar Lalisang (Indonesia), Yoonjung Boo (Korea), Yoshinobu Sumiyama (Japan), Yuichi Yoshida (Japan), Woo Yong Lee (Korea)
  1. Academic Committee (alphabetic order)
  2. George Robert Uyquiengco (Philippines), Hironori Tsujimoto (Japan), Hiroshige Mikamo (Japan), Ho Hur (Korea), Jae Gil Lee (Korea), John Melden Cruz (Philippines), Junko Sato (Japan), Katsuhiko Yanaga (Japan), Kiyotsugu Taguma (Japan), Sheila Macalindong (Philippines), Suk-Hwan Lee (Korea), Wifanto S Jeo (Indonesia), Yasuhiko Mohri (Japan)
  3. The secretariat of SIS-AP is set in National Defense Medical College, Saitama, Japan.
  4. Hironori Tsujimoto, MD, PhD
  5. E-mail: sisasiapacific-secretariat@yahoo.co.jp

SECTION 5 (Membership)

  1. Active members shall include surgeons, scientists, physicians, nurses, other health care providers and individuals with a major interest in surgical infections. Each society on surgical infection should recommend several representative members to be the officers of SIS-AP.

SECTION 6 (International conference)

  1. SIS-AP conference, which shall take place every two years, will basically rotate among the active countries with an existing national surgical infection society. The President-elect of the succeeding conference will be decided during the conference. It shall be his responsibility to propose the venue, date, and theme of the next conference, which should then be approved by the Executive Committee. An exciting scientific program on all aspects of surgical infection should be organized for the conference. Fees and liability will be the responsibility of the president of the conference.

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